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Original Love - new album by Scott McMicken

Original Love - new album by Scott McMicken
This month marks the 1 Year Anniversary of Press On Records! To celebrate we are releasing a new solo album from Scott McMicken entitled Original Love. One year in business and this will be our 11th release to-date.

It's been so nice doing the things we've done to keep Press On floating along over this past year. More than anything, it's been a great place to funnel ideas towards; a place to give things a chance where they can evolve past just ideas. We have learned a lot this year about doing our biz and we've cracked into some innovative new methods of vertical integration. I'm serious - we're cooking on all cylinders over here!

And to commemorate a great year in cassette commerce, we are officially releasing our first digital album. Ha! The manufacturing of cassettes is a bit hard to wrangle at the moment, so until further notice, you'll have to settle for reasonable fidelity and total convenience when checking out Scott's new album called, "Original Love". This album was just finished and we're so happy to share it with you. Thank you for following along with Press On Records and checking out our stuff! Continue reading