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Cassette Store Day - 1 Month Away

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Cassette Store Day - 1 Month Away

Cassette Store Day is all about celebrating the cassette tape! Started in 2013, Cassette Store Day seeks to bring attention to the artists, labels, stores, and fans that make, buy, sell, and keep the cassette format of music listening alive and well.

This year's CSD is on Saturday, October 12th. The list of the 2019 Cassette Store Day releases, participating labels, and record stores are up now at Cassette Store Day and at Brooklyn Vegan. The Official CSD list of participants is maintained by Burger Records, and seeing as they have manufactured over half a million tapes since 2008, they are more than doing their part in keeping up the popularity of cassettes. (As an aside, I heard that Burger's tape sales originally took off with the release of NOBUNNY's "Raw Romance" in 2009, which I love because I love that album.)

Anyway, there's 1 month until Cassette Store Day! We'll have some special giveaways for people who order tapes from us on that day (Oct. 12th) and we'll let you know which stores across the country will have our Press On tapes on hand.