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The Hypos debut album on cassette tape
The Hypos debut album on cassette tape
The Hypos cassette album released by Press On Records

The Hypos

The Hypos



The Hypos self-titled debut album is here on cassette! The Hypos is a brand new band built around the collaboration of veteran songwriters Greg Cartwright (Reigning Sound) and Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog). They're joined by a cast of Memphis and Asheville's finest: Evan Martin, Kevin Williams, and Krista Wroten.

Track Listing:
1. Me And Theo
2. Badway
3. Tore My Whole World Down
4. Tell Me Your Name
5. Past Life Woman
6. Heartbroke Town
7. All Summer
8. Pictures
9. My Kind Of Party
10. She's The Boss

The Hypos are:
Greg Cartwright- guitar, vocals
Scott McMicken- guitar, vocals
Kevin Williams- bass, organ, vocals
Krista Wroten- violin, vocals
Evan Martin- drums, percussion, vocals

with Special Guests:
Jared Samuel- horn arrangement on "Tore My Whole World Down", string arrangement on "Tell Me Your Name", synthesizer on "All Summer", musique concrete, sir forgan, and stylophone on "Past Life Woman". Jared Samuel engineered all of his additions.
Matt Bauder- saxophone on "Tore My Whole World Down"
Aisha Burns- violin on "Tell Me Your Name"
Haley Ivey- flute on "Past Life Woman"
Elen Wroten- cello on "Pictures"
Dane Perugini- viola on "Pictures"
Marc Franklin- live trumpet on "Me And Theo"

Produced by Greg Cartwright and Scott McMicken of Frog House Productions
Recorded at Press On SHED in AVL, NC throughout 2022 and 2023
Engineered by Scott McMicken, except for strings on "Pictures" and flute on "Past Life Woman" engineered by Matt Qualls

All songs by Pressonsongs(ASCAP)/ Big Gamble Music(ASCAP), except for "Heartbroke Town" published by Big Gamble Music(ASCAP) and Krista Wroten(ASCAP) and "My Kind Of Party" (Pressonsongs/ ASCAP, Big Gamble Music/ ASCAP, Kevin Williams, Evan Martin)
Big Gamble Music administered by Third Side Music

Mixed by Matt Ross-Spang at Southern Grooves in Memphis, TN
Mastered by Christopher Colbert
Cover photo by Scott McMicken
Layout & design by Leann Cornelius