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Original Love album by Scott McMicken on cassette
Original Love album by Scott McMicken on cassette
Back cover of Scott McMicken's Original Love album

Scott McMicken

Original Love



Original Love is a collection of songs all written at the same time. It's a big long love letter; it fell out of a lot of peace and good feelings. The music is playful, and at times kind of absurd, but the actual weight of this theme could not be properly expressed without that absurdity and freedom. Good for date-nights and choreographed knife fights.

Track Listing:
1. Me And Leann
2. Leann And Me
3. Let's Rock And Roll
4. Molly Ann
5. I've Got It Made
6. Please Miss Cornelius
7. I Want More
8. Ann Marie
9. Original Love

Leann And Me - Seth Kauffman on clavinet/ gourd/ mellotron/ fx guitar
I Want More - Thor Jensen on one of the guitars
Mastered by Nathan Sabatino at Hi-Dez Recording

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Scott McMicken at Press On Studio
© and ℗2020 Pressonsongs/ ASCAP publishing