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Newfound Oxygen cassette by Steady Holiday
Newfound Oxygen cassette by Steady Holiday
Steady Holiday's cassette album "Newfound Oxygen" released by Press On Records

Steady Holiday

Newfound Oxygen



Newfound Oxygen is an album about balance. About scrambling to find it, realizing it changes, then scrambling to find it again. It’s about staying nimble and present, and accepting the chaotic nature of being alive. Always moving in the direction of what feels right and breathing it in deeply, before it predictably changes. Newfound Oxygen is an album by Steady Holiday.

Track Listing
Side A:
1. Bomb Shelter Comatose
2. The Balance
3. Asleep
4. High Alert
5. Reprise
6. Can't Find A Way
7. All Weekend
8. My Own Time
9. Under The Moon
10. Newfound Oxygen

Side B:
1. Quiet (unreleased demo)
2. Bomb Shelter Comatose (voice memo)
3. Bomb Shelter Comatose (demo)
4. The Balance (demo)
5. Asleep (demo)
6. High Alert (voice memo)
7. High Alert (demo)
8. Can't Find A Way (voice memo)
9. Can't Find A Way (demo)
10. All Weekend (demo)
11. My Own Time (voice memo)
12. My Own Time (demo)
13. Under The Moon (demo)
14. Newfound Oxygen (demo)

Written by Dre Babinski (Teethy Dreams, ASCAP)
All Rights Reserved 2023