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The Arc Iris album, We Found Home, on cassette
The Arc Iris album, We Found Home, on cassette
Arc Iris cassette release of the We Found Home album

Arc Iris

We Found Home



We Found Home is the 5th full-length album by Arc Iris. It is a stunning creation, so forward-thinking, bold and innovative, yet so undeniably and intuitively satisfying. It's fun and deep. The adjectives don't stop! Arc Iris is a raging river of brilliance and imagination!

Track Listing:
1. We Found Home
2. Breaking Up The Sidewalk
3. Gin and Chocolate
4. Swipe Left
5. Trying To Get To Know Me
6. Swing Sweet Emily
7. Stone Throat
8. Engine Of Chemistry

Arc Iris is:
Jocie Adams
Zach Tenorio
Ray Belli

Produced by Arc Iris
Mixed & Mastered by Zach Tenorio
Recorded at Glass Hill Studios in Glassell Park, CA
Artwork by Julien Pacaud