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FLOATING ACTION cassette tape, Old World Camels, is the 2019 album by Seth Kauffman
FLOATING ACTION cassette tape, Old World Camels, is the 2019 album by Seth Kauffman
Press On Records cassette tape release of the FLOATING ACTION album entitled, Old World Camels

Floating Action

Old World Camels



Old World Camels is the new Floating Action album. Jam-packed full of only the freshest original ideas, vitamins and minerals your body needs...on cassette! OLD WORLD CAMELS was recorded on a budget of $0 dollars, on sub-standard equipment, with absolutely no motive to be lucrative in the music industry. It's raw, all first takes (voice-cracks, wrong notes and all), in an effort to capture that fresh, joyous energy of when an idea first comes to you and you're all excited but not sure how to play the song yet. The result is that every aspect is an improvisation, that magic moment captured. And with only one person doing all the writing, performing, engineering, producing, and mixing, it yields something quite unique: ideas captured immediately from the cosmos, completely unfiltered, never compromised. The only person other than Seth Kauffman that had anything to do at any point in the creating of Old World Camels, was the supremely trusted Hi-Dez Recording of Joshua Tree, CA who mastered it. Please enjoy this album; it's all there - all the mysteries of human existence, unlocked - depth!

Track Listing
1. Four Leaf Clover
2. Burst Of Ordinary Light
3. Richard Swift
4. I Kinda Wanna Leave
5. Wide Open Space
6. Lord Enticer
7. All I Wanted Was To Know
8. Pick Up (The Golden Spear)
9. Magnet Mind
10. Anguished Roar
11. Vitamin C Of Love
12. It Only Comes Once In A While