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Dr. Dog cassette tape album cover of Midi Swamp
Dr. Dog cassette tape album cover of Midi Swamp
Press On Records cassette tape release of Dr. Dog's album entitled, Midi Swamp

Dr. Dog

Midi Swamp



Midi Swamp is an alternate version of Dr. Dog's 2016 album "The Psychedelic Swamp". "Midi Swamp" was made simultaneously to the studio album, using only a Casio Tonebank CT-670. The Swamp universe is a complicated place full of many shifting dimensions, and "Midi Swamp" is yet another look into that fabled soundscape. Perfect for elevator rides and arcades. Midi Swamp: where the ordinary is anything but...

Track Listing:
1. Swamp Descent
2. Swamp Theme
3. Holes In My Back
4. Sadvertise
5. Swamp Livin' (Travel Ad)
6. Engineer Says
7. Golden Hind
8. Badvertise
9. Dead Record Player
10. Swamp Pop
11. Nobody No More
12. In Love
13. The Attachment
14. Good Grief
15. Fire On My Back
16. Bring My Baby Back
17. Swamp Is On
18. He Is Me