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Album cover of the Dream Sitch cassette tape on Press On Records
Album cover of the Dream Sitch cassette tape on Press On Records
Press On Records cassette tape release of Dream Sitch. Dream Sitch is the music of Michael Nau and Seth Kauffman.

Dream Sitch

Dream Sitch



Dream Sitch is ten stunningly beautiful songs born out of a long-distance, rapid-fire collaboration between Seth Kauffman (Floating Action) and Michael Nau. There's a magic to this album. A natural magic. The music drifts by so effortlessly; there's something masterful about it. What at first might read as minimalist, then unfolds into a depth of field that's brimming with mood and imagination upon listen after listen. Enjoy this treat from two brilliant artists!

And a few words from the creators, "it's so dumb, I'm sorry- def. change it around etc.. but it is SOMEthing"

Track Listing:
1. Now On
2. Soft Stars, Hard Thunder
3. Loop In The Tangle
4. Peace Be
5. Odds
6. The Mouth The Foot Keeps Stepping In
7. Random Drips
8. Too Way Out
9. Soon Another
10. Oblivion Major

Produced by Seth Kauffman and Michael Nau. Recorded April 2020.
All instruments by Seth Kauffman and Michael Nau. Vocals on "Peace Be" by Whitney Nau, Horns by Jacob Rodriguez.
Mixed by Seth Kauffman, Mastered by Kevin Ratterman.
Cover photo by Benny Yurco/ Photo design by Matt Pfahlert/ Package layout & graphic design by Leann Cornelius